SNW Europe 2010

On Wednesday 27th of October our very own Martin Conway will be presenting on Logical Data Migration.

This Case Study covers the innovative use of block-based SAN virtualisation and replication technology – delivered as a service – to support the logical data migration to a new data centre. The logical data migration service had to integrate with the overall data centre migration which included the physical move of all servers and their associated applications. A key part of the solution was the use of “IO splitter” technology in the SAN to allow in-flight replication without any integrity risk or change to the existing production disk volumes. The solution incorporated a centralised application and configuration database, developed for the project, which managed the logical data migration workflow, and allowed integration with existing disk based asynchronous replication technology over 1,000km for Disaster Recovery. The migration workflow and architecture allowed for the re-synchronisation of data volumes in the new production data centre without the requirem ent for a re-synchronisation over the WAN. The solution provided automated processes to manage over 1,200 disk volumes across three locations; over 3,600 in total. Significant transformation elements were delivered as part of the project including new zone configurations, Fibre Channel port assignments, RAID set and LUN optimisation, VSAN separation, Inter-VSAN routing, N-Port Virtualisation, and FCIP.

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