Company Overview

“We don’t sell products, we solve problems”

Primus Solutions is an independent, specialist ICT Services Company providing a range of high-quality services and solutions for Enterprise Data Management.

Primus differentiates itself in the marketplace by addressing our customer’s business requirements through solutions that are independent of vendor-specific hardware or technologies

We have won a number of global awards for complex Enterprise Storage projects particularly in areas such as data migration, and deployment of backup and recovery infrastructures.

We have developed a range of services – now branded under ICT Analytics – which offer high quality analysis, reporting, and cost saving recommendations on all aspects of a customer’s ICT infrastructure delivered online at a much lower cost point than traditional consultative services, and using non-intrusive, risk free collection tools.

These services provide an essential step for any customer looking to optimise their existing ICT infrastructure, or for any customer who is considering a new infrastructure purchase.

Primus provides services which help customers streamline File and Data Management processes, leading to very significant operational savings.  Areas of specialisation include:

  • Data Storage and Management;
  • File Management;
  • File and Server virtualisation and optimisation;
  • Backup/Archiving/De-duplication;
  • Data Migration services.

“Our innovation delivers excellence into your business”