FAS – File Analysis Services

The Challenge

  • Managing out of control data growth, particularly relating to unstructured data
  • Many studies show that up to 80 percent of business-relevant information originates in this form and typically consists of two basic categories:
    • Textual Objects such as Office documents, e-mails and  spreadsheets
    • Bitmap Objects inherently non-language based, such as image, video or audio files.
  • Client behaviour generally results in data rarely being deleted; often just moved through manual processes.
  • Compliance is also extending the required data retention times.

The Solution

Typically delivers > 60% saving in primary storage

 Simple Data Collection, No agents or software installation – simply run a Command Line Utility to create a compressed output file.

Study Delivers:

  • Detailed categorisation of all files
  • File distribution analysis
  • Analysis of duplication and compression
  • Access and modification profile
  • Ownership and attributes profile
  • Strategic analysis and ‘quick wins’
  • Analysis of benefits as they relate to:
    • Consolidation
    • Data Protection
    • De-duplication
    • Storage Management
    • Document Management

File Analysis Service – Case Study

80% saving in Primary Storage and Full Backup data volumes


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