ICT Analytics

ICT Analytics provides high quality analysis, reporting, and cost saving recommendations on all aspects of your ICT infrastructure delivered at a much lower cost point than traditional consultative services and using, non-intrusive, risk free collection tools.

Tools and services include:

  • BRAMS – Backup & Recovery Analysis Modelling Service helps you optimse your backup and restore to ensure maximum backup efficiency and minimum data restore time to deliver on your SLAs
  • DMS – Data Migration Service provides effective migration of single systems or complete data centers including disaster recover failover where required
  • FAS – File Analysis Service helps you understand your unstructured file system and email data to allow you to develop a management plan. FAS typically frees 70% storage space in a SAN environment by providing informed information and strategies to intelligently manage your data
  • PAS – Performance Analysis Service is typically used to aid server resource sizing for virtualised environments plus helping understand and resolve specific performance issues.

Using ICT Analytics custom built tools you can identify opportunities to provide significant cost savings to your business – quick wins to take cost out of the bottom line. The products and services ensure you can deliver these business benefits with minimum effort and maximum result.

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