Bridgeworks and IBM partner to revolutionise long distance replication

Bridgeworks, the world’s leading storage protocol bridge manufacturer, today announced IBM certification of the Bridgeworks SANSlide Series 150 V7KSVC with its Storwize V7000 virtualised storage systems. The combination of SANSlide and the Storwize V7000 provides a powerful solution for those customers who require an efficient IP-based replication over long distances.

SANSlide is the only block level storage protocol accelerator. By working at the block level, it allows the SANSlide node to connect directly to V7000/SVC and requires no modification to the V7000/SVC or to how the remote replication set-up is configured and administered. Unlike other acceleration methods, the type of data transmitted does not affect the performance of SANSlide. Encrypted, compressed, or video files – SANSlide handles them all without any degradation of its performance.

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